>> This is a list of some of my favorite products for the neuromusculoskeletal practitioner
grouped by the areas commonly addressed in normal practice.

I update this list twice a year. I have NO loyalty to nutrition companies. Products on this list are the best I have found. When I come across a better product, or one of equal quality with a lower price, I change my list.

I have never been a paid spokesman for any of these companies. Sure, I would like the money but once I’m paid, my neutrality is compromised. This is not to say that there aren’t some great people aligned with various companies- there are. However, it is very important to me that I am trusted by my patients and colleagues. My recommendations have zero secondary gain issues.

Company Name


Product  Name

Product Use



Broad Spectrum

Broad Spectrum with Iron

The ONLY high vitamin D multi available. Great value, good formula. 200 IU E, 500 C, and 400 calcium from 3 sources.
Note the 'with Iron' form is low iron (7.5mg)

Progressive Laboratories



Rehab Forte

Sprain/strain formula to add to multi while healing



Maxxum II

Cal Guard


Iron Plus

Very good capsulated multi

Very low cost bone building tablet

High potency, low cost GLA, good for PMS

Iron Glycinate – no constipation – works great










Inflavinoid Intensive Care
The Ultraclear Line

Relief of pain, increased motion for Osteoarthritis
I try Glucosamine/Chondroitin first.
Herbal anti-inflammatory; works for allergies, hay fever, sinusitis, and injuries
Non flush Niacin w/ guggle to reduce cholesterol
Best soy protein drink on the market
Best line of detoxification products on the market, very expensive
Good formula for fibromyalgia
Jarrow Formulas 310/204-6936 Jarro-Dophilus EPS Good all-purpose probiotic, doesn't need refrigeration (although it will extent shelf life). Contains 5 billion organisms (8 strains) per cap for broad spectrum coverage.  Vegetarian.
Pure Encapsulations   Men's Nutrients Multi for men over 40.  Increased D, not too much E, herbs for vision, prostate and CV health.
Nutramax   Cosamin DS The original glucosamine & chondroitin formula used in many studies.  Cost more other OTC brands, but quality control and purity are exceptional in a class of products where it's common for products to fail independent testing.
Schiff   Move Free Advanced Schiff's signature product, Move Free reformulated with less chondroitin & the Triple Strength addition of hyaluronic acid & 2 anti oxidant herbs.




Best proteolytic enzyme formula on the market

Pure Encapsulations


Glucosomine Chondroitin w/ Manganese




Nutrient 950


Grape Pip  Extract


Full disclosure label, guaranteed 500mg elemental glucosamine sulfate in a base of potassium chloride


Great Herbal Anti-oxidant


Very high quality multi w/ not a lot of cal/mag so it works

Best source of proanthocyanidin, powerful antioxidant. Available up to 500 mg per cap

Good bone building formula.  I use for fractures and osteoporosis













High  quality women’s calcium supplement


Good proteolytic enzyme formula, not as strong as Wobenzyme, but also less expensive  & contains other nutrients for healing including  zinc, vitamin C, bioflavonoids, & manganese

Thorne Research









Sprain/strain Formula w/ bromelain
Add to multi while healing


Pharmaceutical grade echinacea and support herb immune formula. Very economical


Great Menopause Formula at a very good price.



Pharmaceutical grade Red Yeast Extract to reduce blood lipids



High quality. Economical

Dee Cee Laboratories


Glucosamine HCL


Formula 303

Capsulated glucosamine for those with sulfa and sulfite allergies.

Natural muscle relaxant, very economical
(very popular with women)

Twin Labs

In Health Food  Stores

Allergy Multi Caps


Mega 6 Caps

The best multivitamin for chemically sensitive individuals  on the market

Best multi you can get at the healthfood store




Similar to Inflavanoid Intensive Care at much better price.


Ortho Molecular Products 800/332-2351 Mega Omega Strongest product on the market. One soft gel contains 420mg EPA and 300mg DHA. (The fewer pills, the greater the compliance)

Revised 04/02/10

If you think I have missed a great product, I want to hear from you. Remember this list consists of areas most commonly encountered in the average neuromusculoskeletal practice. If you have an awesome product for Type II familial hypercholesterolemia, I am all ears, but it will not go on the list because it is not commonly managed by DCs who do not have extensive postgraduate training.

If you are a rep from a vitamin company and you think one of your products should be listed, I want to hear from you too. Here is how it works:

1. Send/deliver free samples in adequate amounts for patients to feel a difference
2. I will gladly lose a sale and give the patient your product you gave me.
3. The patient will then decide if your product is better than the one they have previously purchased.
4. If the patient says he/she would buy your product at the suggested price, instead of what they are taking, you will receive an order from me.
I cannot think of a better way to test a new product – you and I each lose a sale, but if your product does not measure up, the patient does not lose twice (results but not their money.)


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